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You probably already use the Online World for many things.

Whether you use it for entertainment, research, sending E-mail

to friends and family, or just discussing numerous subject

topics with others.

Of all the things you can do online, there is one that you

should definitely know how to do. MARKET ANY BUSINESS ONLINE!

That's right, with the power of the Online World to reach

millions of people, Online Marketing is definitely an awesome

tool that no business should be without. Just because of the

simple fact alone that advertising is practically FREE. The

ability to get the results of thousands of dollars in free

publicity is practically unheard of in business today. Only

recently have more and more people figured out how to utilize

the ever exploding Online World to market their business


Think about it, there is probably no business in existence that

could not benefit from free publicity! And the fact that

properly utilizing free advertising raises net profits to

unbelievable levels! Using any or all of the major online

services, or the INTERNET, can help you market your business


Let's start with plain-old advertising. On America Online, for

example, they will let you place classified advertisements for

FREE! They have a variety of classifications to choose from. By

placing these small free ads you can generate some very quality

leads that can turn into sales. Or if you are a really good

marketer you could sell something straight from your free ad.

Wouldn't that be something, using the actual free ad to do all

of the selling.

The other services offer free advertising from time to time.

When they do charge for classified ads it is usually very

inexpensive, and still a great deal considering how many people

those ads can reach. When you place any advertisements you

should always "code" your ads. This means put something in each

individual ad that will tell you, if you get any business from

it, which ad it came from. This way, you will probably find

that some sections are better producers than others, and you

will want to concentrate on these sections and not the ones that

weren't making any money.

To code an ad you could make them request a certain "report" on

more information. You should give each report a different code

for each ad. Such as: "ask for report #1tv" , this way you

would know that this request came from the ad in the televisions

for sale category, and so forth. If they send you an order

straight from the ad, make them give you an order #, which would

be different for each ad. THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WHO



By not tracking exactly which ads are making money, they are

wasting their time by continually placing ads in "loser"

categories. The actual code can be anything you want to assign

to it. ALWAYS keep track of every ad you place. Make a note of

what it said, where and when it was placed. You will be

pleasantly surprised when you analyze your "ad data" and see

some positive trends developing. Just repeat these trends and

it will help you to make more money!

The bottom line is that you "test" and record the results of

your Online Marketing efforts. Then just repeat the steps that

are making you money and expand on them to reach more people.

Doing simple research on the Internet. The Internet has several

mailing lists that are dedicated to marketing on the Internet.

You will also find hundreds of articles on the World Wide Web.

By searching one of the WWW search engines like Webcrawler you

can find all the information you can read. Use search strings

such as: "online marketing","internet advertising", "selling

online", and so on.  You can also find many books on the subject 

at your local bookstore or being advertised online.



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